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In a world of infinite diversity, in which no two beings or things are exactly the same, isn't it absurd to believe that sex and gender are the only exceptions?

Transgender is the "T" in "GLBT" (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender). As with the other three categories in the group, the transgender condition is with the individual from birth. It is unique, though, in that it is possible to diagnose in children as young as 3 years of age.

The "G," the "L," and the "B" are variations indefining who you like. This site doesn't discuss that. Instead, we'll be discussing the "T", and even more specifically, the "little t", the transgender child. "T" represents not who you like, but who you are.

In some cases a child's self-identification is unexpected: the little boy prefers, for example, to play with dolls, wear dresses, and says, "I'm not a boy, I'm a GIRL!" This could be what might be called a "phase," but it could also be an early indication that the child is transgender.

So which one is it; a phase, or transgender? First, what is a "phase."? How long is it? A month? A year? If the little boy described above continues insisting upon being treated as a girl, even beyond what one would consider the period defined as a phase, intervention by a professional is probably called for.

There is no downside to getting a professional evaluation for a child. It does not involve hormones or surgery. It simply helps to identify a transgender child and gives the child, the parents and the professionals a matter of years to deal with it before any medical intervention, which is never even considered for a pre-pubescent transgender child, is appropriate.

This website is dedicated to helping parents identify a transgender child, and to helping find the resources necessary to support the needs of all involved.

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